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100% Irish – Rance Jones

Rance Jones

The international award-winning watercolor paintings by Rance Jones broaden the boundaries of watercolor technique.  Each Rance Jones watercolor is a masterful example of how the artist portrays the world he explores through art.  His realistic style is both refreshing and relatable.   His sensitivity to expression, subtle body language and setting give the subjects of his watercolors a life-like beauty that has great emotion, elegance and impact.

In his work the human element is always present, yet his subjects are never posed or editorialized. They are presented without judgement on their moral characteristics, introduced simply as people connected to the place they live. But when faces aren’t present, human intellect and spirit is: a house, a church, a crust of bread on a wine-stained table cloth.  Even in his magnificent painting “Mountain to Path”, the eye of the viewer moves from the massive granite hill in the background to the truck-sized, megalithic stones piled and stacked by ancient glaciers.  Smooth boulders rounded by rushing melt water border the pebbles of a well worn path, decades even centuries of human movement cut through a rugged Scottish Highland pass.

But inspiration doesn’t always come from such dramatic backdrops as the Highlands of Scotland. Many of the stories told through a Rance Jones watercolor are much smaller, stolen moments: the graceful glance of a girl behind a gelato counter in Sirmione, Italy.  An impromptu still life of fresh fruit and sweet syrup ablaze in the sun of San Miguel.  A bowl of fish soup in a Hungarian cafe, dyed fire-red by paprika.

Photo Realistic in style, Rance Jones watercolors are heirs to a movement begun in the mid 1960′s by artists like Chuck Close, Charles Bell and Richard Estes. An approach in art that tends to draw a viewer in by giving subjects commonly associated with emotional distance or indifference, a visceral and dramatic presence.  Rance Jones builds on that concept by demanding his watercolors represent much more than a copy of a Photograph.  Drawing inspiration from the mastery of such painters as Degas, Whistler, Eakins, Homer, Manet and Wyeth, Rance Jones watercolors exhibit vibrant color, rhythm and movement.  Look closely at the brushwork across the surface of the paper, observe how meticulous strokes of color lay next to and over one another forming textures and multitudes of tones.  Thin washes of pigment blend smoothly across a sky or delicately bring out fine wrinkles in a facial expression.

Watercolor paintings by Rance Jones are individual and unique.  They are relevant, respectful of the viewer and the subjects depicted.  His award winning, critically acclaimed work is a testament to the pure elegance of the medium of watercolor and the impact it achieves.

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