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Jayme Savage & Ken Womack

“I became intrigued with primitive art while at a museum of natural history a few years ago. The renderings of people were so simple and crude – they had such a strong graphic appeal. I liked the idea of developing a set of modern primitive masks where the faces were separated into two halves – showcasing the “duality of man”. Each of the pieces in this show are split down the middle, with each half having a different sensibility (the way people are). It made sense to me to create the masks in squares, so each one had a symmetry that would accentuate the two halves. Later, I developed the series of tall pieces, which take that in a different direction. The encaustic medium was a logical choice, as I wanted the masks to be be textural and to be able to embed things into the pieces to add dimension. Many ancient cultures influenced the pieces (and one contemporary primitive inspiration: Calavera).

Hanging with Jayme Savage came about while I was putting some pieces up on Instagram. I saw some of her images and a light bulb went off. Jayme’s primal / animal-inspired jewelry is so striking, and while her work is very different from mine, the themes were very similar to this series of pieces I was working on, that I thought it would be a great and interesting fit to pair our two styles together in one show. I believe our work complements each other well.”

Jayme Savage

Jayme Savage is an assemblage artist who creates exotic tribal art and jewelry, pairing new and old found objects to create unconventional statement pieces. Inspiration comes from years of collecting tribal artifacts and ethnic jewelry. Her appreciation of primitive art and affinity for tomboy treasures has inspired her to create uncommon works of art, pairing authentic antiquities and semiprecious stones with animal teeth, bones, distressed wood and rusty metal. This body of work is aptly named Savage Bones and Stones.

Ken Womack

Ken Womack is a Dallas-based fine artist working in encaustic, acrylic and mixed-media. He received a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin in 1986, and has been a graphic designer and advertising art director / creative director for the last 25 years. He is the owner and principal of MindHandle, a Dallas-based advertising and branding company. Ken is married to fine artist Maureen Womack, and together they have 3 children: Keenan (aged 20), Killian (17) and Fiona (15). www.womackpaints.com

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